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Where did the day go?

Yesterday was one of those days. It was beautiful here. Sunny and warm with a refreshing breeze. A shame I missed it.

I did keep glancing outside while I was in the kitchen, mostly because I like to torture myself. But I had to work yesterday. And I reassured myself that most days are beautiful here so missing one wouldn't ruin my life. I'm not on holidays so I don't have to cram a bunch of activities and things to see into one week.

I believe I've already mentioned that I live on Grand Turk. I also work on Grand Turk. Not every day, sometimes not even every week. But I do catering and personal chef gigs so when I have an event to plan, it occupies all of my time for a day or two leading up to it.

Yesterday was one of those days. I planned the meal, I checked the menu, I rewrote my list (three times). I chopped, diced, mixed, assembled. I packed up my boxes and drove myself over to the house where I was to cook and set out preparing a full dinner, including clean up, for four wonderful people. And got home at 10:00.

So I missed the beautiful day outside. But that's okay because I love what I do. I meet people and I talk to people and I feed people. It doesn't get much better than that.

But I did feel a twinge of guilt because I was so preoccupied with doing my stuff and the dogs needed to go for a walk on the beach ... as did the children. I promised both dogs and children that we would go today.

And we did ....

My walk might not look like yours but I recommend you get out and breathe some fresh air and take in some scenery. No matter where you are, it's good for the soul ... and the kids ... and the dogs ...

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