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Words of Wisdom ...

My dad has always tried to instill words of wisdom, little nuggets of truth, to me throughout my life. "Just be yourself", "The in-crowd isn't always cool", "Eat your tomatoes, they'll put hair on your chest" (really Pops? what girl wants hair on her chest???), "You'll never do anything that will make me stop loving you" (although I'm sure at times I tested this one) and my favourite, "Work smarter, not harder".

Now usually I try to work smarter but to tell you the truth, I don't think it's really in my nature. To work smarter means to let other people help you and I have always found it difficult to ask for help. But, this time, I thought, I'm working smarter.

I can't do everything. And here on Grand Turk, there are days when I can barely do anything, but not for lack of trying. I am simply easily distracted and start way too many things at the same time, hoping to get them all done.

Take this week. I have been really trying hard to figure out this whole web presence thing on my own because I think it can't be that difficult, right? Anyone can do it, right? But it's just not working well for me. That's when I brought in help in the form of my daughter, Shana.

I mean let's face it ... I'm not computer illiterate but I'm close. So I armed Shana with everything she needed to set me on the straight and narrow. And then I got the text "Mom, can you go down to the patio and take a picture of some wine glasses and a bottle of wine. It'll look great on the website!" Which sounds wonderful until you look around and see that I'm covered in flour, have already handed out 3 loaves of my homemade bread to a number of people and my contractor, Bear, has just told me that he needs 2 more bags of cement.

But I'm nothing if not up to a challenge so off I went to get the cement. Now, I also had my daughter Kira and two of her friends here and they were down at the beach so I had to make sure they were safe before I left. Which I did. And my son, Ethan, whom I picked up from school early because they are on a two week hiatus, was all over me for food. "Mama I'm hungry. What is there to eat?" "Plenty but nothing you can have." I am always cooking and baking but sometimes it's a challenge just making sure everyone in my family gets fed.

Anyway, got the cement, fed the boy, made sure the girls had showers after their beach time, and was able to make 4 more loaves of bread and some homemade apple fritters. And got some great pictures for Shana and the website.... speaking of which I'm going to have myself a glass of wine now ... because I think I deserve it. Enjoy your weekend!

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