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A Day in the Life ...

I feel like I'm living a game of musical chairs ...except with windows and patio doors! We slept al fresco last night. Our large picture window in the bedroom was removed to make way for a sliding patio door ... except the door hasn't been installed yet.

Gotta love the Grand Turk way. You start a job and then you run into a problem. Then it takes a couple days (or weeks) to figure out the solution. In the meantime, you start two or three other projects, only to encounter additional problems. Makeshift solutions become the way of life, which is fine because at least it's a solution.

Having come from Canada, you take for granted the availability of even the simplest things at inexpensive prices. Water, which we allow to pour unchecked from the tap in Canada, is recycled to the nth degree so that you use your sink water to water your plants and you use salt water to operate toilets (if you are lucky enough to have a salt water source close to you). Electricity, the rates we complain about in Ontario, remain at least 3 times the price here in Grand Turk. Even cleaning products like dish soap, which we buy for $1.99 CDN (cheaper if you find it on sale), can cost you upwards of $7.00 USD.

Ahhh. the price of living in Paradise. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Talk tomorrow! Hopefully with a new patio door! Now has anyone seen my broom?

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